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Transform your vision into words that resonate 

I'm here to support you, your work, and your vision.

Because your vision is part ofwho you are.

It's what led you to create a business, and to work with others who see your value.

Visions are powerful, but finding the right words to align with what you do can be tricky...


Blending storytelling, strategy, and empathy, I'm here to take your vision and put words to it - words that attract the people who need your work most.

professional copywriter smiling and sitting in a chair



I'm a wellness professional turned creative copywriter who transforms your ideas into words that capture your essence and the work you share with the world. 


I've worked in the fitness and wellness industry for over 10 years and have a holistic outlook on business—your story, message, and words matter, because they set you apart from the rest. 

With a background as a personal trainer, health coach, life coach, and more, I understand what it means to be multi-passionate.


👉🏼I know the importance of using the right words and messaging that resonate with your audience, and how this can sometimes feel like a chore (even though you love your work deeply!).

👉🏼I know what it's like to have lots of ideas swirling, but not know how to expand on them or bring them to life in a way that will best serve your future clients.


👉🏼I also know how much it stinks when people ask, "What is it that you do, exactly?" because your messaging doesn't tell the full story. Your story.

...I know you didn't open a business to become a copywriter, so why are you trying to go at it alone?

 I can help.

Through my love for storytelling, copywriting, brainstorming, and effective strategy, I'll guide you in taking strides forward in your business.

professional copywriter smiling and standing

The biggest impact of working with Jolie wasn't just getting my website up and was that she gave me confidence in my work. She was able to provide ways to overcome my blocks and move forward.


What would it feel like to have messaging, a website, and content that actually sounds like you?

 I know how excited (and let's be real - frustrated) you can get as a multi-passionate entrepreneur who is always dreaming up their next steps.

You want to attract people who see your value, resonate with your story, and understand that you offer something no one else does.


And you do, I promise you. You're different.

I know what it's like to feel jumbled with ideas, or even disconnected from your work. 

You bring so much to the table, and I'm here to be your business wing woman through it all and create exactly what you need to move forward.

Listen, I know you.

not sure what you need or where to begin?

send me a message and I'll let you know how I can bring your vision to life

You deserve to confidently talk about what you do, and I can help


website copy

starting at $500/page

your website is an extension of you,
's make sure it sounds like it.

  • display who you are, what you do, and how your work makes life easier

  • boost your credibility with words that leave a lasting impression

  • create more leads 

  • share your story confidently

what's included

  • up to four pages of website copy 

  • SEO research + implementation

  • in-depth business questionnaire

  • 2 rounds of revisions 

  • 1:1 call to walk through questions

email newsletters
and sequences

starting at $100

stay in touch with your audience and deliver emails they want to open.

  • connect with your subscribers and remind them they're in the right place

  • share customized content with your audience

  • increase your website clicks & social media visits

what's included

  • depending on your needs, a minimum of 5 emails in order to welcome, connect, or sell a product or service launch

  • in-depth business questionnaire

  • 2 rounds of revisions 

  • 30-minute call optional

brainstorming & strategy

starting at $150

have a lot of ideas, but aren't sure what's next? I can help

  • brainstorm, plan, and implement ideas in a way that fits you and your business.

  • work 1:1 with someone who understands your vision and can create exactly what you need.

  • hone in on messaging, your next steps, and expand your vision

what's included

  • 90-minute deep dive session to identify what it is you need next

  • 1:1 support via voice notes for 30 days

  • one project created for you start-to-finish based on your goals

  • 30-minute follow-up call optional

blog posts

starting at $250

connect on a deeper level and provide value

  • engage with your audience in longer form content that they actually want to read

  • answer your audience's biggest questions

  • increase website traffic

  • rank on Google

what's included

  • four blog posts

  • SEO implementation

  • business questionnaire

  • 2 rounds of revisions per blog

what's the process like?

if we're a good fit, we'll make things official with a deposit and next steps


first things first: fill out my contact form and set up a free consultation to chat about your goals and projects

word magic!

i'll send over my questionnaire and we'll make sure that things are good to go with deadlines for projects

Jolie helped me identify and move through my sticking points, and move forward with my ideas. She captured my voice and ideal client perfectly. She's a life editor for your business.



In a new phase of your business that requires fresh ideas and a plan to make things happen? Have 100 tabs open in your mind at all times and need to start taking action, but don't know where to begin?

Download my free 20-page workbook that I use for all of my business planning, and bring your vision to life!

Yay! You´ll receive an email from me shortly.

digital cover of brainstorm workbook on a tablet

let's chat about how we can work together

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